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What is a DIN variator belt?

The variator belt offers great flexibility in terms of speed and power, making it extremely useful in a variety of applications such as pumps, fans, compressors, tractors, combines and seed drills. Manufactured mainly from fiber-reinforced rubber, it is highly resistant and flexible enough to operate under variable speed and load conditions. Commonly used in the industrial and agricultural sectors, it maintains a smooth, jolt-free transmission, optimizing energy efficiency and ensuring optimum performance.

What are the different types of DIN variator belts?

DIN variator belts are belts which, as the name suggests, comply with DIN standards. DIN standards are German standards drawn up by the German Standards Institute. They define uniform standards for products and processes, covering aspects such as quality, performance, characteristics, dimensions, and many others. We offer the following DIN drive belts:

  • VS13: variator belt with 13x6mm cross-section.
  • VS22: variator belt with 22x8mm cross-section.
  • VS28: variator belt with 28x8mm cross-section.
  • VS37: variator belt with 37x10mm cross-section.
  • VS47: variator belt with 47x13mm cross-section.
  • VS55: variator belt with 55x16mm cross-section.

At 123Bearing, for this type of product, we mainly offer the OPTIBELT, CONTITECH and DUNLOP brands. These brands offer high-quality variator belts, designed for long-lasting performance and reliability. These sections are available in a multitude of lengths. If you have a belt with a section that is not available on our site, we invite you to contact our customer service department so that we can search and find the belt you need.

How to choose a DIN variator belt?

When looking for the right variator belt for your equipment, it's crucial to consider the original part number or the corresponding dimensions. If you have the original part number, simply enter it in the search bar on our website to identify it and easily place it in your shopping basket. If you don't have the part number, it's important to know the cross-section and inside length of the belt. To determine the cross-section, i.e. the height and width of the belt, we recommend using a caliper to obtain an accurate measurement. As for the length, you can use a special belt-measuring ruler (called a MESSLAT) or a tape measure.

Find your DIN variator belt on 123Bearing

What's more, we attach great importance to customer satisfaction. If you have a request, our team of experts is available Monday to Friday to answer all your questions and provide personalized advice. We're committed to ensuring fast, reliable delivery of your DIN variator belt, so you can get back to business without delay. When you choose 123Bearing, you benefit from quality service, a wide range of products, an optimal user experience and dedicated customer support.