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What is a hydraulic seal?

The hydraulic seal is a "U" shaped component. This product is used to prevent fluid leakage on moving parts. This range of seals can withstand pressure and can be more or less rigid depending on the material used. This seal is mainly known to be used as a piston seal or cylinder seal.

What are the different types of hydraulic seals?

There are several profiles for these items as well as several materials suitable for different applications.


At 123bearing, you can find different profiles of hydraulic seals. The profile determines the shape of this product. Indeed, you can have seals whose two lips are the same size (US reference), piston seals whose inner lip is longer than the outer lip (UP reference), and conversely, rod seals whose outer lip is longer than the inner lip (UT reference). You can visualize these different profiles thanks to the diagrams that you will find on the product pages.


The two main materials used for this product category are Nitrile (NBR) and Polyurethane (PU).

  • NBR is often used when the seal can withstand low pressure (≃ 150 bar). This makes it flexible and can be easily bent for assembly.
  • PU is a material used to withstand more consistent pressures (≃ 350 bar). This seal, therefore, has a higher hardness.

How to choose your hydraulic seal?

To select the right hydraulic seal for your needs, it is necessary to identify its dimensions as well as the pressure supported on the use that is made of it.

Our advice for measuring any type of seal is to use a caliper. Indeed, it is the tool that will allow you to be as precise as possible. To identify the joint you need, it is necessary to measure the inside diameter, the outside diameter, and its thickness.

Find your hydraulic seal at 123Bearing

On the 123bearing website, you can search for the hydraulic seal that corresponds to your needs. To do so, you will need to know its dimensions and the pressure it must support. You can refine your search by filtering the different criteria of the desired seal.

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