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What is a connecting link ?

A connecting link is a mechanical product such as master link used to quickly and easily join the end component of a roller chain without the need for additional tools such as pliers or wrenches. These connecting links, master links, releases are also called "attachment link" or "spring clip". The link consists to allow quick assembly and easy disassembly of chains, which can be useful in various applications, such as industrial, construction, agriculture, and even in lighter contexts.

How to choose your connecting link for your roller chain?

The connecting link release is usually made up of two parts that connect and lock together. Some models can be opened and closed by hand, while others may require the use of a specialist tool for opening. These products are commonly used when the chain needs to be regularly disassembled and connected, or when a connection is required.
In order to identify the connecting link you need, it is necessary to know the reference of the corresponding roller chains. If you do not know the reference, you will need to identify it by chain size measuring the pitch of your chain.

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