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What is an external circlip?

An external circlip is a retaining ring. This part is used to fix translating components on shafts. It is a semi-flexible metal ring whose open end snaps onto the shaft. It is installed in a dedicated groove. This product exerts an axial force on the components it holds, preventing them from disengaging. They are usually made of spring steel.

These products are mainly used in mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, industrial machinery, gears, etc.


How do I install a circlip?

An external circlip is placed in a special groove on the shaft. The outer circlip is closed when at rest. To install it, it will be necessary to use a circlip pliers to open it and position it in place.

There are specific pliers for external circlips. The "ZGA" models are the recommended pliers for this type of product. You can find them in the tools category of our site. The choice of pliers will also depend on the diameter of your shaft, so we advise you to contact our customer service experts who will be happy to advise you.

How do I measure an external circlip?

When buying circlips, it is important to know that it is not the size of the product that is useful but the size of the assembly. In fact, for an external circlip, you should take the size of the shaft. It is important to note that the measurement of the shaft should be taken on the smooth part and not in the groove. In order to identify the reference of the circlip you need, it is therefore essential to know the diameter of the shaft. For example, if your shaft is 25 mm, the article number would be CIRCLIP-EXT-25.

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