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What is a cord seal?

It is an O-ring seal, which can be round or square in cross section, sold by the metre and used to seal metal parts in static applications. This product is regularly found in applications such as: the assembly of large tubes, the sealing of a cover, a lid or a tank, etc. 

Why choose a cord seal over traditional O-rings seal ?

One of the main advantages is its flexibility. The rope seal can easily bend and conform to any shape, making it perfect for difficult or irregularly shaped joints. Additionally, for static applications, seal cords can also be easily cut to accommodate any required length, eliminating the need for additional materials or costly custom orders. In order to bond the ends of this product, we recommend using a Loctite adhesive specific for elastomers.


What are the different types of O-rings seal by the metre?

You can find two profiles of rope seals. These products are available with a round or square cross-section. These joints can also be made of different materials. The main materials used are the following:

  • Nitrile rubber (NBR) is mainly used for contact with oils and hydrocarbons from -40°C to +110°C. This model is also compatible with water.
  • FPM is also recommended for use in contact with oils and hydrocarbons. It is more suitable for high temperature applications as it can withstand temperatures from -20°C to +200°C.
  • EPDM is often used in contact with mineral brake fluid and water. In terms of temperature, it can withstand from -50°C to +150°C.

How to choose your O-ring by the meter?

When buying O-rings by the metre, it is necessary to identify the shape and size of the cross-section, also called thickness. You can also choose its hardness and material. Shore hardness is a measure of the hardness of rubber. The lower the hardness, the softer your O-ring will be. On the other hand, the higher the hardness, the more rigid your O-ring will be. As far as the material is concerned, it is important to know the environment in which the seal will be placed and the stresses it will have to meet. You can find information on the most common materials in the previous paragraph.

Find your cord seal on 123Bearing

O-rings by the metre provide a bespoke seal for your application, which is why they are so popular with both domestic and professional users. At 123Bearing we offer these and a wide range of other seal categories at the best prices. Our large stock enables us to offer you available products with fast delivery times for your urgent needs. If you have any difficulties in finding your products, please note that our customer service is available Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm.