What is housed bearing?

A housed bearing is a mechanical component that holds a part in rotation around an axis. It is a supporting and guiding device that usually consists of a ball or roller bearing. Housed bearings are used in many applications, including the transmission of motion, the assembly and disassembly of parts, and in agricultural and industrial machinery. Housed bearings are usually made from materials such as cast iron, stainless steel, plastic, pressed steel or aluminium alloy. They can be one-piece or multi-part. Housed bearings are also available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, allowing them to be adapted to many different applications.

What are the different types of housed bearings ?

The most commonly used housed bearings, the ones we offer, are self-aligning housed bearings. These housed bearings are usually supplied with ball bearings that have a spherical outer ring that can oscillate in the bearing. This compensates for any misalignment by removing the stresses between the shaft and the housing.

Number of bolts :

These products are classified according to their number of bolts (0 bolt, 1 bolt, 2 bolts, 3 bolts, 4 bolts), their shape, their size and their clamping method.  

Forms :

There are housed bearings in square, round, triangular and even oval shapes. They can also be plummer block or flat.

Clamping method :

As far as the clamping method is concerned, there are three main ones which are by stopping screws, by eccentric locking collar or by adapter sleeve.

Other types of housed bearings :

There are also other types of housing, such as plummer block housings (SN or SD models) and flanged housings (7225(00) series), for which the bearings are sold separately. The bearings suitable for this type of product are single or double row self aligning ball bearing or self aligning roller bearing. For this type of bearing, the outer ring of the bearing is fixed inside the bearing. It is the whole of the inner ring, together with the cage that holds the rollers or balls, that oscillates and compensates for the misalignment of the shaft.

How to choose a self-aligning housed bearing?

To find the right housed bearing, it is first necessary to determine :
  • its shape
  • the diameter of the shaft,
  • the clamping method,
  • the fixing centre distance.
The centre distance is the distance between the fixing holes. Next, the technical characteristics of the housed bearing should be checked to ensure that it is suitable for the project. The trick to choosing the right housed bearing is to consult the technical data sheets of the references to get this information.

Another important element in selecting the right reference is the choice of brand. On our site you can find housed bearings at different prices and in different brands to suit everyone's preferences and budgets. Whether it is a generic brand, SNR, SKF, RHP, INA or many others, we have a multitude of references to suit every need.

How to read your housed bearing reference ?

In order to help you find the product you need, it is important to understand how it is referenced. In fact, generally, with the product reference you can quite easily determine its specificities. For an SNR brand bearing, the first two letters of the part number indicate the type and shape of the bearing. The following letters indicate the type and shape of the housed bearing and the numbers give us the dimensions of the bearing and the housing. For an SKF bearing, the part number is somewhat different. The first two letters indicate the type and shape of the housed bearing, the number gives us the diameter of the bore and the last letters correspond to the type and shape of the bearing. Below are two examples that illustrate this information perfectly:

UCF205-SNR :
  • UC : bearing with elongated inner bearing surface and stopping screws.
  • F : surface-mounted bearing, with 4 fixings, square shape.
  • 205 : Bearing and housed bearing for a 25mm shaft.
  • SNR : manufacturer's brand.
  • FY : surface-mounted bearing, with 4 fixings, square shape.
  • 25 : Bearing and housed bearing for a 25mm shaft.
  • TF : bearing with elongated inner bearing surface and stopping screws.
  • SKF : manufacturer's brand.

Find your housed bearing on 123Bearing

It is important to choose the right housed bearing. Indeed, it is an essential element for the good functioning of your mechanism. 123Bearing is the expert in this field and offers you a large stock of products, fast delivery and attentive and available customer service. So don't hesitate to call on our services!