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What is e-clip?

The e-clip is a versatile and effective accessory for securing and holding parts to a shaft. Also known as a retaining ring, this item is a fastening accessory that is shaped like an "E". This shape allows the product to expand around the shaft. It is composed of a body and steel legs that are used to fix it in a groove. It is easy to use and is very resistant to shocks and wear. In fact, it takes up little space and is very light, which limits the weight on the assembly. Its use is therefore recommended for various applications, mainly in car engines and locking devices. Do not wait any longer and discover our range of e-clips.


What are the different e-clips products?

The e-clip is available in different materials to suit the needs of the users. It is usually offered in steel, but it can also be available in stainless steel. We offer this type of product in different sizes depending on the diameter of your shaft.

How to use e-clips?

The e-clip is very easy to use. Simply clip the metal prongs onto the objects to be attached. This item does not require the use of pliers or special mounting tools.

How to choose your e-clip ?

The choice of the e-clip depends on the user's needs. If he needs a versatile and efficient accessory, he can opt for the standard steel version. For more specific applications, it is recommended to turn to stainless steel which is resistant to temperature variations and corrosion. In addition, it is important to choose the e-clip according to the size of your axis.

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