What is a v-belts pulleys?

A v-grooved pulley is a type of pulley used in power transmission systems, such as engines and machines. This product has a trapezoidal-shaped groove on its surface, designed to accommodate a V-belt. These belts have a trapezoidal cross-section, hence the name. The use of a pulley/belt transmission is easy to design and economical, as they often replace gears, shafts and bearings. The advantage of this type of transmission is the reduction and damping of vibrations, the attenuation of shocks and jolts, and the great freedom it affords for positioning the driving and driven components. Nevertheless, a regular maintenance schedule is required to monitor component wear.

What are the different types of v-grooved pulleys?

When it comes to v-grooved profile pulleys, there are a number of different sections, as follows:

  • SPA V-belt pulleys for SPA V-belts.
  • SPB V-belt pulleys for SPB V-belts.
  • SPC V-belt pulleys for SPC V-belts.
  • SPZ V-belt pulleys for SPZ V-belts.

These pulleys are available with one or more grooves.

How to choose the right V-belt pulley?

To choose the right V-belt pulley, you need to know its pitch diameter, the cross-section of the belt fitted, the number of grooves required and the hub installed. For example, pulley reference 50-SPZ-1-1008 indicates :

  • 50 : pitch diameter
  • SPZ: V-belt pulley (SPZ - Z - XPZ)
  • 1 : one groove
  • 1008: removable hub type 1008

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