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What is a simple toothed belt?

A single toothed belt, also known as a synchronous belt, is a type of transmission belt used to transmit power between two mechanical parts. It consists of a flexible belt, generally made of rubber or polyurethane, with teeth on its inner surface. This toothing gives it good grip, enabling it to transmit rotation and energy between different components, driving the pulleys without slipping. This product is an alternative to chain or gear transmission, as it offers a low rate of efficiency loss and is capable of accepting extremely high power ratings.

Timing belts are often confused with toothed belts, but they are not the same belt. Toothed belts are trapezoidal in shape, while timing belts are flat.

What are the different types of single timing belts?

There are several profiles of simple timing belts. Here are a few examples:

  • T2 - 2MGT toothed belts with a 2mm pitch.
  • T2.5 toothed belts with a 2.5mm pitch.
  • 3M - 3MGT and AT3 toothed belts with a 3mm pitch.
  • 5M - 5MGT - T5 and AT5 toothed belts with a 5mm pitch.
  • 8M and 8MGT toothed belts with an 8mm pitch.
  • T10 and AT10 toothed belts with a 10mm pitch.
  • 14M and 14MGT toothed belts with a 14mm pitch.
  • 20M - T20 and AT20 toothed belts with a 20mm pitch.

How to choose a single toothed belt?

As with other belts, you can identify the belt you need either by its part number or by its dimensions. Indeed, when the belt is in good condition, you can usually read the part number on it. If it's not, you'll need to determine the profile of your belt based on its pitch. The pitch is the distance between the tops of two teeth. Once you've determined the pitch, you'll need to measure the length and width and count the number of teeth to identify the belt you need.

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