Livraison roulement

1. Place of delivery

The deliveries are carried out with the address indicated for this purpose by the Customer on the Order form. The address of delivery must obligatorily be a physical address (name, number, street, postcode, city, country). SAS MYCELIUM ROULEMENT reserves the right to refuse any delivery towards a post office box.

2. Methods of delivery

Except typical case or unavailability of one or more products, the ordered products will be delivered in only once. SAS MYCELIUM ROULEMENT reserves the possibility, when an Order includes several references, of which some would be temporarily inalienable, or in final rupture, of dispatching the Order without the reference(s) missing(s). The price of the missing references is then immediately carried Counts of them and the transfer on the bank account of the Customer will be carried out in the 72 H (working) according to the single click on the e-mail of information of refunding and, for any application for repayment carried out by postal mail, within the 15 day maximum delay. In the event of particular request of the Customer concerning the conditions of packing or carriage of the Products, duly accepted in writing by the Salesman, the associated costs will be the object of a complementary specific invoicing, on estimate accepted beforehand in writing by the Customer.

3. Delivery periods - Deadline of delivery

The delivery period of the Products appears explicitly in the product sheet. This time gets along except weekend and bank holidays, and subject to availability of the Products confirmed by the supplier The deadline to which of Salesman commits itself delivering the order is reproduced explicitly on the Order form. In the event of nonrespect of the delivery date mentioned in the Order form, the Customer can cancel his Order by sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of delivery to the Customer service. Cancellation will not be taken into account by the Salesman if forwarding or the delivery did not intervene between the sending and the reception of the aforesaid letter. The payment carried out by the Customer will be immediately registered on his Account and could be to him refunded, on request, within the 15 day maximum delay following the date of payment of the Price by the Customer. In the event of nonrespect of the deadline of delivery, the Salesman will be able to exonerate whole or part of his responsibility while bringing the proof that the inexecution or the bad execution of the contract is ascribable to the Customer, with the unforeseeable and insurmountable fact of a third to the contract and/or in the event of major force. Products withdrawn at the counter can not be returned, exchanged or refunded.

4. Reception

The Customer commits himself transmitting all the necessary information to the delivery in order to guarantee of it the good end (and in particular a phone number to which the Carrier can join it in the course of the day). The Customer engages, for itself or the product consignee, to take delivery of the goods to the address which it indicated. During the delivery, the Customer or the product consignee, must be able, if that is required of him, to be the proof of his identity. The Customer is held to check the condition of the delivered products. The Salesman will replace as soon as possible and with his expenses, the delivered products whose apparent defects or the defects of conformity will have been duly proven by the Customer.

5. Returns

  • 1. Situation in which goods can be returned : The Goods be turned over within the framework of the exercise of the right of retractation, defect of conformity or apparent defect. The withdrawal period is 14 days. In the event of a product defect or apparent defect, the customer may return the product as long as it has not been assembled.
  • 2. How to return Goods : Goods are to be sent by the Customer to the Return Department. The right to repossess is exerted without penalties, except for the expenses of return which remain to the reponsibility of the Customer. The returns in cash on delivery will not be accepted. 

    In the event of an apparent defect or fault, 123Bearing will cover the cost of returning the goods.

    A preliminary request for return can be made by the Customer to the Return Department, The Return Department proceeds to the taking into account of the return by the attribution of a file number. It is specified that the returns carrying the number of file allotted in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph will profit from a accelerated treatment procedure. The Products must be turned over in their original packaging. Given that the previous conditions are met, the Return of the goods gives rise to the customer's repayment.

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