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What is a flanged bush ?

A flanged bush is a ring that consists mainly of a steel, porous bronze and PTFE framework. It looks like an ordinary "PAP BUSH" type bush but with an additional flange. The flange helps to maintain the position of the ring on the assembly to prevent unwanted axial movement. Oscillation, rotation and sliding on an assembly can be achieved with this type of product. This ring also absorbs and transfers radial forces to prevent damage to the assembly during operation. These products are mainly used in automotive applications. The advantages of using this type of ring are :

  • ease of assembly
  • its low coefficient of friction
  • its service temperature (from -200°C to +280°C)
  • its chemical resistance
  • its impermeability to water and oil
  • its maintenance-free use

What are the different types of flanged bushings?

First of all, it is important to know that these rings meet the current standards. In this range, you will mainly find "PAF" type plain bushings, but you should know that we also have a page for plain bushings without flange. PAF bushings have a longitudinal slot to facilitate assembly. In contrast to the so-called "classic" plain bushings, these bushings are only available in material category P1. They are therefore used for dry applications where lubrication and maintenance are not required.

The most common materials are :

  • P10: This is one of the most widely used materials. As mentioned above, it is maintenance-free and can be used dry. It can also be used in contact with liquid lubricant. However, it is not advisable to use grease with this type of material. It is also important to know that it contains lead. It is therefore not suitable for use in the food industry.
  • P11: This material has the same characteristics as P10 above. The main difference is that it is antimagnetic.
  • P14: This material has the same characteristics as P10. However, it cannot be used in water and does not contain lead.

How to choose a flanged bush?

The dimensions of the ring are important in choosing the right product. It is necessary to know the inner diameter, outer diameter and length to identify the right one for you! You can then filter your search with these characteristics so that you can get the right results. The environment and the appropriate material are also very important to know. For example, if the ring's intended use requires it to touch foodstuffs, the P14 material would be ideal as it has been specifically designed for such applications. If the material you require is not listed on our website for the dimensions you require, please contact our customer service department so that we can make enquiries with our manufacturers.

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