What is an anti-vibration mounts?

It is a rubber and steel block. This composition is used to absorb vibrations, shocks and to reduce the noise of machines, machine tools and vehicles. These products are mainly used in the industrial and automotive sectors. The anti-vibration pad, also called silent block, can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C. Today, in this range of products, there are many geometrical shapes allowing them to be used in many applications.

Why use an anti-vibration mounts?

Vibration and noise can damage equipment and inconvenience users. This product helps protect both the machine and the user by absorbing these harmful vibrations.

What are the different types of anti-vibration mounts?

On our catalog, you can find several profiles of silent block, notably : 

  • Anti-vibration mount MM : also called male-male, it has a cylindrical shape. The block is made of elastomer with a steel plate on both ends. There is a threaded rod (male) on both sides.
  • Anti-vibration mount PM : It is also cylindrical and made of elastomer. On one side, the stud is flat rubber and on the other side, you have a steel plate with a threaded rod (male).
  • Anti-vibration mount FF : also called female-female, it indicates that the stud has two female parts. As with male-male studs, they feature a cylindrical shape made of elastomer and two steel plates on each side. However, you have a threaded hole on both sides.
  • Anti-vibration mount PF : it is identical to the PM stud, except that the male part is a female part (threaded hole).
  • Anti-vibration mount machine base : It is a support that consists of a circular frame adhered to the rubber. Generally, it is in the form of a flat elastomer base on one side and a threaded rod on the other. These supports avoid long machine downtime.
  • Anti-vibration mount PMPstop blocks, these are stops, with a rubber base of conical shape, with a threaded rod.
  • Anti-vibration mount DIABOLOS : It has a diabolo shaped elastomer block. Products of this shape are available in male-male, female-female or male-female profile.
  • Anti-vibration mount PFP : This profile also characterizes the "stop" studs. These are stops with a conical rubber base with a threaded hole.

In general, these products are mainly used in shear and/or compression to protect effectively against vibration and noise. Please note that they are never used in traction.

How to choose a mount ?

The choice of the silent block depends on several factors, such as the desired profile, the supported loads, the dimensions and the hardness. You have the different possible profiles above. Regarding the load, it will depend on the constraints submitted on your assembly. Generally, the wider and thinner your pad, the higher your load capacity will be.

The dimensions are also an important factor in choosing the right silent block reference for you. They are often defined by the dimensional constraints of your assembly. To identify the part number you need, it is necessary to know the following dimensions:

  • outer diameter of the stud
  • stud thickness
  • diameter of the threaded rod or threaded hole

Finally, the shore hardness of the pad can also be an important factor depending on the use you make of it. If you wish to be informed about this hardness, I advise you to contact our customer service.

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