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What is a Belleville washer DIN2093?

Belleville DIN2093 washers, in metric measurement, also known as conical spring washers or disc spring washers, are useful in a wide variety of applications and industries because of their special conical shape. This design allows the washer to be compressed at high pressure while providing reliable support. Belleville DIN2093 washers are known for their resilient properties, making them the ideal choice for aerospace, automotive, industrial and other high intensity applications where robust support is required.


Belleville DIN2093 washers are high performance, offering exceptional load capacity and compressive strength, even in the most challenging situations. An invaluable tool for heavy-duty applications operating under high pressure or in confined spaces, these resilient components also provide stability while damping shock and vibration. Due to their reliability, efficiency, strength and durability, many industries require these products to meet high standards. As a result, they are widely used in many industries.

What are the different types of disc springs?

In this section, you will find Belleville washers in metric measures. There are also Belleville washers in imperial measurements. Both types of washers are available in steel or stainless steel.

How to choose a disc spring ?

In order to select the ideal Belleville washers for your aerospace, automotive, industrial or other application needs, two main considerations must be made. The size and material used are of high importance. For size, it is essential to determine the inside diameter, outside diameter and thickness when selecting a washer to correctly identify whether it meets European or American standards. You must also consider the material used, steel or stainless steel if your project requires protection against corrosion. Once these two factors are taken into account, you will be able to find the ideal washer for your application.

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