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What are GEG rods end?

GEG rods end are grooved radial rods end, which may or may not be sealed. These rods end have the same technical characteristics as GE rods end. There are 4 main types of GEG rods end:

  • GEG..E/ES rods end are non-sealed and have steel/steel sliding surfaces. They can withstand temperatures from -60 to +200°C. This type of rod end requires lubrication and, thanks to its enlarged inner ring, has a better tilting angle.
  • GEG..ES/2RS rods end have the same characteristics as "GEG..E/ES" rods end, except that they are sealed. They have seals and cannot exceed +130°C.
  • GEG..C rods end have similar technical characteristics and applications to "GE..C" type rods end. In other words, they have hard chromium/PTFE sliding surfaces, require no lubrication and can withstand temperatures from -50 to +200°C. They do, however, have one difference: the larger inner ring allows a greater tilting angle.
  • GEG.. and 2RS rods end are similar to "GE.. and 2RS" type rods end, but also feature a larger inner ring for greater tilting angle. These rods end are sealed, maintenance-free, can withstand temperatures ranging from -50 to +130°C, and feature hard chromium and PTFE sliding surfaces.