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The history of the IKO brand

Since its foundation in 1950, Nippon Thompson Co. Ltd has established itself as a leading specialist in the manufacture and sale of needle roller bearings and linear guides, forging the international reputation of its IKO brand. This legacy of innovation began when the company became Japan's first manufacturer of needle roller bearings in 1959, setting a standard of excellence and engineering.

With the introduction of its first linear guide system in 1978, IKO not only broadened its product range but also responded to complex industrial needs, making its components indispensable for demanding applications such as industrial robots and machine tools. Innovation continues through the development of stainless steel products and specialized lubrication solutions for a variety of operating environments.

Nippon Thompson's production and distribution network, under the IKO brand, spans the globe with factories in Japan and subsidiaries in Europe, North America and beyond, testifying to its commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. The company's philosophy, focused on contributing to the good of society through research and development, is reflected in every IKO product, which embodies originality, technical know-how and design excellence.

Through the decades, IKO has maintained its leadership status by responding to market developments and anticipating future needs, while maintaining a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. IKO products, from precision bearings to advanced mechatronic systems, continue to set industry standards, affirming Nippon Thompson's commitment to offering innovative solutions that shape the future of movement and precision.

IKO business areas

With a strong presence in the development of cutting-edge technologies, IKO contributes significantly to the advancement of industries by providing solutions that improve performance, reliability and efficiency. This strategic positioning in various fields of activity enables IKO to remain at the forefront of market trends and to respond proactively to tomorrow's technological and environmental challenges.

Electronic devices and equipment: IKO products play a crucial role in semiconductor manufacturing, display production equipment for computers and LCD TVs, electronic component assembly machines, and test and inspection equipment, underscoring the importance of precision in the technological age.

Precision devices: Renowned for their high quality and precision, IKO products guarantee the reliability of laboratory measuring instruments and hospital medical equipment, essential for the accuracy and reliability of medical and research applications.

industrial equipment: From robots to construction machinery, printing machines and textiles, IKO supplies essential components for a variety of industrial machines, supporting innovation and efficiency in key sectors.

Machine tools: IKO products are integrated into lathes, machining centers, grinding machines and other manufacturing equipment, contributing to manufacturing excellence through their precision.

transportation equipment: In the transportation sector, from automobiles to aircraft, IKO products are essential for ensuring safety and comfort, demonstrating their versatility and importance in critical applications.

These varied applications of IKO products highlight their indispensable role in supporting and advancing various industry sectors, reflecting the brand's ongoing commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

IKO products

At IKO, innovation and precision define the product range, designed to meet the most demanding requirements of various industrial sectors. From needle roller bearings and spherical plain bearings to needle roller bushes and thrust washers, every IKO product is the result of advanced technical expertise and a commitment to quality and performance.

Explore our selection to discover how IKO solutions can transform the efficiency and reliability of your applications.

IKO needle roller bearings

Developed with Nippon Thompson's proprietary technology, these bearings incorporate thin needle-shaped rollers, offering high load capacity in a compact footprint. They are crucial in a variety of sectors, from the automotive industry, where they are used in transmissions and engines, to the textile industry, bringing reliability and precision to high-speed machines.

IKO drawn cup needle roller bearing

These compact components are ideal for applications requiring high precision in limited space, such as medical equipment or laboratory measuring devices. Their design allows precise linear movement, essential for the smooth operation of precision instruments.

IKO thrust washers

Thrust washers are designed to support axial loads, finding use in steering systems and gearboxes, where they facilitate rotary movements while supporting heavy loads, guaranteeing safety and precision.

IKO needle roller and cage assemblies

Providing a support structure for needle roller bearings, these cages are vital in equipment such as industrial robots and construction machinery, where they contribute to the stability and precision of movement, even under heavy loads.

IKO rod end

Spherical plain bearings are used in applications requiring tolerance to oscillating movements and misalignments, such as in vehicle suspension systems or agricultural equipment, offering durability and flexibility.

IKO bearing inner race

Essential for providing a precise running surface for needle roller bearings, these rings are used in a wide range of equipment, from heavy machinery to precision equipment, ensuring the reliability and performance of bearing systems.

These products illustrate IKO's commitment to innovation and quality, meeting the needs of diverse industrial and technological applications, and underlining their essential role in the advancement of multiple sectors.

Why choose the IKO brand?

Choosing IKO at 123Roulement means opting for a brand synonymous with innovation, diversity and quality in the world of industrial components. Renowned for its pioneering needle roller bearings and wide range of products for diverse applications, IKO offers customizable solutions that combine durability and precision. With IKO, 123Roulement assures you of cutting-edge technology and a lasting partnership for the success of your projects.