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FAQ How to maintain a bearing?

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Over time, depending on their use, the bearings tend to accumulate dirt that interferes with
their proper operation, this is called a seized bearing.

To ensure a long life of your bearings, it is necessary to maintain them well.

Bearings with a seal are lubricated for life, the seal is not designed to be removed. Nevertheless, if necessary to troubleshoot, and in order to continue to use a bearing temporarily it is possible to clean it.

123Bearing advises you and guides you step by step in this process.

First of all, you will need some tools and a little material:

  • - Releasing
  • - Lubricant
  • - A container
  • - A screwdriver
  • - A cloth or paper towel


1. Disassemble the bearings


Open bearings do not need to be disassembled, in this case go directly to step 2.

For bearings with flanges, gently remove the flanges with the screwdriver so as not to twist them and prevent them from rubbing on the balls when they are reassembled.

We point it out again, this method is for temporary use, and we do not recommend it for this type of bearing.

Clean the inside of the flanges with the cloth to remove dirt.

In some cases, it is also necessary to disassemble the cage and the balls of the bearing.

2. Bearing cleaning

Then, soak the bearings in the container containing the grease trap for a few hours.

Remove the bearings and dry them on a towel or paper towel.

Care must be taken to ensure that the bearings are dry before proceeding to the next step..





3. Grease the bearings

Make sure the bearings are thoroughly cleaned and dried.

Then, grease the bearings with a grease suitable for rolling

Lubrication is the most appropriate method of lubrication for bearings, which are moving parts. The fat is more resistant to temperature.

There you go ! Your bearings are clean and ready to roll for hours!

Remember to maintain them regularly, especially if they are used a lot, and they will have a long life.

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