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JTEKT: Presentation of the brand

JTEKT Corporation, formerly known as Koyo Seiko Co. Ltd, was established in January 2006 through the merger of two major Japanese bearing manufacturers, Koyo Seiko Co. and Toyoda Machine Works. Prior to the merger, Koyo Seiko was founded in 1921. This company is present in 8 countries in Europe, which allows them to offer a multitude of parts to the European markets. We will then speak of JTEKT Europe. In France, the head office of the brand is located near Lyon.

JTEKT is a global automotive and technology company, best known for its steering systems and bearings. On the 123Bearing website, the brand is the second most sold brand.

Products offered by JTEKT

JTEKT offers a wide range of products, mainly including solutions for industry, but also for the automotive, agricultural, aerospace and construction sectors. These products combine quality with attractive prices. The best-selling products are the following:

The brand also offers steering systems, transmission components and machine tools for the automotive industry as well as industrial machinery and equipment. Therefore, they specialize in the assembly and manufacturing of parts. In addition, JTEKT has a strong presence in the electronics and advanced equipment sectors, producing high-precision bearings, electronic control devices and mechatronics products.

This brand strives to increase customer satisfaction through the use of advanced technologies such as electric power steering systems. It is in a constant quest for innovation. 

Why choose the JTEKT brand?

JTEKT, a world leader in its field.

Formerly known as Koyo Seiko Co, Ltd, it is a company known for designing components for the industrial and automotive sectors. It also has a strong presence in the renewable energy sector with its wind power generation systems.

JTEKT, an innovative company.

Choosing JTEKT means choosing an innovative company that is always trying to go further with its projects. For example: the on-board steering system or the autonomous car. A good way to make an impression.

JTEKT, a company specialized in automotive and technological components.

JTEKT is known worldwide in the automotive and technology industries. It strives to create value for all its stakeholders. Its activities are therefore specialized in two sectors, which is currently its strength.

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