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JTEKT: Introducing the brand

JTEKT Corporation, formerly known as Koyo Seiko Co. Ltd, was created in January 2006 following the merger of two leading Japanese bearing manufacturers, Koyo Seiko Co. and Toyoda Machine Works. Prior to the merger, Koyo Seiko had been founded in 1921. This company is present in 8 European countries, enabling them to offer a multitude of parts to European markets. The company is now known as JTEKT Europe. In France, the brand's headquarters are located near Lyon.

JTEKT is a world-renowned automotive and technology company, best known for its steering systems and bearings. On the 123Roulement website, the brand ranks second among the best-selling brands, just after the products listed under the GEN brand.

Applications for JTEKT products


In the aerospace sector, JTEKT excels in supplying high-performance, reliable bearings, essential for aircraft and space equipment. These products include bearings for aircraft landing systems, engines, transmissions and mechanical accessories. The EXSEV range, specially designed for extreme conditions, and bearings for cam rollers in actuation systems illustrate JTEKT's commitment to innovation and quality. Bearings for jet engine main shafts and gearboxes also demonstrate JTEKT's ability to meet the most demanding technical challenges in the aerospace sector.


JTEKT develops robust bearings for agriculture, essential for machines such as tractors and harvesters, ensuring their operation in variable and difficult conditions. JTEKT products, including tapered roller bearings and ball bearing units, offer reliability and performance to optimize agricultural productivity in the face of temperature, load and environmental challenges.

Construction industry

In the construction industry, JTEKT supplies bearings adapted to heavy machinery, ensuring their efficient operation in harsh environments. JTEKT's Koyo products, including tapered and spherical roller bearings, are designed to withstand extreme conditions while guaranteeing the durability and reliability essential for a wide range of construction equipment.


JTEKT manufactures high-performance, reliable bearings for a wide range of electrical applications, from the power tool market to consumer goods such as washing machines and fitness equipment. For the power tool market, JTEKT offers lightweight, durable and compact products, with innovations such as sub-assemblies for more efficient manufacturing and designs that improve lubrication. In consumer products, JTEKT bearings are distinguished by their low friction and economical design, suitable for a variety of domestic and leisure equipment.


In a diversified European automotive market, JTEKT responds to current challenges, such as improving engine efficiency, reducing emissions and optimizing transmission technologies. JTEKT offers a comprehensive range of products that support performance enhancement, safety, vehicle comfort, fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions reduction. As a leading supplier to OEMs and the aftermarket, JTEKT bearings are found in wheels, engines, transmissions and other critical applications within the automotive industry.

Wind energy

JTEKT works with the world's leading wind turbine manufacturers, supplying bearings and sharing technical expertise. Already committed before the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, JTEKT contributes to the wind energy industry with advanced bearings designed to guarantee reliability and innovation. Wind turbines, designed to operate for 20 years with 95-98% availability, require reliable bearings to minimize maintenance. JTEKT has developed specific bearings for generators, main shafts and turbine gearboxes, contributing to the efficiency and durability of these essential systems for the production of renewable energy.

JTEKT products

JTEKT offers a wide range of products, mainly solutions for industry, but also for the automotive, agricultural, aerospace and construction sectors. These products combine quality with attractive prices. Our best-selling products include

Ball bearings

JTEKT ball bearings are renowned for their versatility and ability to support both radial and axial loads. Used in a multitude of applications, they are designed to offer smooth rotation, high durability and low maintenance, essential in the automotive, industrial machinery and many other sectors.

Tapered bearings

Specially designed to withstand heavy loads, JTEKT's tapered bearings are crucial in applications where robustness and precision are a must. Their ability to handle both radial and axial forces makes them ideal for heavy vehicles, agricultural equipment and industrial drive systems.

Roller bearings

These bearings are suitable for applications involving heavy loads and demanding operating conditions. Their design optimizes load distribution over a large surface area, reducing stress and increasing bearing life, which is essential for construction equipment and heavy industry.

Needle roller bearings, needle roller bushes and needle roller and cage assemblies

JTEKT's range includes these specialized components, known for their high load-carrying capacity in a small footprint. They are particularly valued in applications where space is limited but high load-carrying capacity is required, such as in certain engines and transmissions.

Ball and needlethrust bearings

Designed to support axial loads, these thrust bearings are used in a wide range of mechanisms, providing an effective solution for managing axial forces while allowing parts to rotate smoothly.

The brand also offers steering systems, transmission components and machine tools for the automotive industry, as well as industrial machinery and equipment. They specialize in the design and manufacture of parts. In addition, JTEKT has a strong presence in the electronics and advanced equipment sectors, producing high-precision bearings, electronic control devices and mechatronics products.

The brand strives to increase customer satisfaction through the use of advanced technologies such as electric power steering systems. It is constantly seeking to innovate.

Why choose the JTEKT brand?

JTEKT, a world leader in its field.

Formerly known as Koyo Seiko Co, Ltd, JTEKT is a renowned designer of components for the industrial and automotive sectors. It also has a strong presence in the renewable energies sector, thanks to its wind energy production systems.

JTEKT, an innovative company.

When you choose JTEKT, you're choosing an innovative company that's always striving to take its projects to the next level. For example, the on-board steering system or the autonomous car. A good way to make an impression.

JTEKT, a company specialized in automotive and technological components.

JTEKT is a world-renownedautomotive and technology company. It strives to create value for all its stakeholders. Its activities are therefore specialized in two sectors, which is currently its strength.


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