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The history of the TIMKEN brand

The Timken Company, experts in tapered roller bearings since its foundation in 1899 by Henry Timken, have revolutionized load management in machinery and vehicles. Constantly innovating in metallurgy and mechanical systems, Timken has extended its product range beyond bearings, playing a crucial role in various industrial sectors and expanding its presence worldwide. Through advanced manufacturing processes and a commitment to quality, Timken continues to set industry standards for excellence and reliability.

Timken's fields of activity

The American company's expertise can be found in various fields where precision and safety are required:


Timken plays a crucial role in providing bearings that exceed stringent food safety standards, ensuring safety, hygiene and durability. Food and beverage processors rely on Timken to improve uptime and reduce maintenance costs, even under demanding conditions.

Timken offers a wide range of solutions for various applications, including mechanical and thermal processing, packaging and handling, meeting the needs of different industry segments, from protein production to ready-to-eat meals.


In the automotive sector, Timken works with market leaders to develop innovative solutions that combine power and efficiency. through a network of authorized partners, Timken supplies quality spare parts for professionals and consumers alike. A specialist in wheel hubs, the company is continually improving the performance and optimization of tapered roller bearing hubs for vehicles.

Timken bearings, designed to be fuel-efficient, enable a significant reduction in energy consumption, thus contributing to the energy efficiency of cars and trucks.


In construction, Timken plays a crucial role in supporting manufacturers of heavy equipment, essential to the evolution of infrastructure. The company is actively involved in the design and manufacture of these machines, also helping to optimize maintenance intervals to improve efficiency and durability.

Timken values local relationships to provide tailored and technical support, working closely with industry players, such as Telcon in India, to supply specialized bearings and localized technical support, enhancing the performance and reliability of construction equipment.


Within the civil aerospace sector, Timken is a key partner, working with industry to innovate and supply high-precision components to the world's leading aircraft manufacturers. The company excels in the production of original parts and also offers specialized refurbishment services for aeronautical bearings and transmissions. With thousands of aircraft taking off and landing daily on Timken components, the company demonstrates its significant impact on safety and reliability in aeronautics.

A notable example is the collaboration with Erickson Air Crane, where Timken components play a vital role in emergency operations such as firefighting, underlining the importance of the precision and reliability of Timken products in mission-critical applications.


Timken works with manufacturers, operators and facility owners to develop new technologies to meet growing energy needs while ensuring the reliability and economic viability of natural resources.

Timken products are essential in demanding environments, such as the roller thrust bearings used in oil rig drills to reach deep reservoirs. In addition, Timken tapered roller bearings extend equipment life, reduce wear and improve performance, helping to minimize costly downtime in energy production.


In the mining sector, Timken is committed to helping operators achieve their goals of maximizing availability, reducing maintenance costs and improving productivity. Timken's tapered and spherical roller bearings, essential for cutting heads, tracked vehicles and conveyor systems, are designed to minimize unscheduled downtime, crucial in an environment where every minute of downtime can cost up to $15,000.

An example of Timken's innovation in this area is a new spherical roller bearing cartridge that has doubled the life of previous versions, while remaining compatible with existing housings, demonstrating Timken's commitment to providing high-performance, reliable solutions for the mining industry.

Timken products

At 123Roulement you'll find the majority of the TIMKEN range. Here are the most important product families:

Ball bearings

Timken deep groove ball bearings offer reliable performance in a variety of applications, with options ranging from 3 mm to 850 mm internal diameter. ISO-compliant, they are interchangeable with competitive products and available with brass cages for added strength in extreme conditions. These bearings reduce noise and vibration thanks to super-finished raceways, C3 internal clearance, and the use of premium greases.

Needle roller bearings

Timken's needle roller bearings are designed for applications requiring high load capacity and precision in a small space. They are available in several types, including needle roller bushes, complete or caged bearings, and needle roller and cage assemblies for precise guidance. These bearings are ideal for a variety of applications thanks to their compact design and efficiency, offering a reliable solution for rotary motion systems where performance and durability are critical.

Cylindrical roller bearings

Timken cylindrical roller bearings are designed to reduce friction and heat build-up, improving equipment performance and durability with less maintenance and downtime. They cover a wide range of applications, offering superior load capacity and increased reliability for heavy equipment. Innovations such as the ADAPT range and full complement cylindrical roller bearings (NCF) meet the specific needs of industrial applications, combining high load capacity with efficient management of axial displacement.

Tapered roller bearings

Timken tapered roller bearings are renowned for their ability to support high radial and axial loads, adapted to even the most demanding conditions. Available in single-, double- and four-row configurations, these bearings are essential for a variety of industrial and automotive applications.

Timken excels in customizing these bearings, offering bespoke options, special coatings and sealed versions. With a wide range of imperial and metric sizes, Timken meets the specific needs of each customer, while offering matched bearing assemblies and integrated solutions, such as AP-2™ bearings for the railway sector, ensuring precision and optimal control in a variety of applications.

Housed bearings

Timken offers an extensive range of mounted bearings suitable for a variety of industrial applications, incorporating a variety of bearing types, sealing solutions and clamping options. These housings, including SAF and SDAF models, are designed to maximize performance and durability, reducing damage, contamination and downtime.

Timken plummer block housings, with their two-part design, facilitate installation and maintenance, while advanced sealing options protect against contaminants. Used in industries such as steelmaking, mining and agriculture, Timken housings are designed to deliver reliability and efficiency, even under the most demanding conditions.


These products are manufactured using high-quality materials and state-of-the-art processes to ensure maximum performance and durability.

TIMKEN bearings are available in a wide range of dimensions (inner diameter, outer diameter and thickness), materials and specifications.

At 123Roulement, for the TIMKEN brand, the tapered roller bearing is the leading product. This bearing is designed to support high loads at moderate speeds, making it the ideal choice for applications where speed and power must go hand in hand. The tapered roller bearing is available in a wide range of sizes.

Why choose the Timken brand?

With over 120 years' experience in the industry, TIMKEN is recognized as a trusted partner that consistently delivers high-performance products and reliable solutions for a wide range of applications.

At TIMKEN, they are committed to uncompromising quality and continuous innovation. Their products are backed by in-depth research and development to ensure maximum performance, even in the most challenging conditions. What's more, the brand has a strong commitment to the environment. Indeed, they have been selected 11 times as one of the world's most ethical companies by Ethisphere®. They also offer bearings made from totally recycled steel, and fight against the use of scarce resources.