Where to find ball bearings?


In many everyday objects, in vehicles to ensure our mobility, in machinery, in electronics, agriculture, or in industry, the bearings are everywhere but visible nowhere.

Non-exhaustive overview of the different applications of the bearing.



When you run the washing machine, the dryer or the dishwasher, you can not imagine that there is a bearing working.

The kitchen also has plenty of appliances and household robots that would probably work less without bearings: the mixer, the vacuum cleaner, some coffee machines, sometimes into the oven …

In the office, have fun testing the bearing that may be in your chair.

If you go to the garage, the ball bearings are hidden: in your vehicle wheels or in your bikes, in your fishing rods, your pool pumps …

In your engines: car, hedge trimmer, garage door mechanic, sander, drill, ...

In the garden, with the mower or trimmer, or in the workshop with DIY tools such as drill or screwdriver or concrete mixer, the bearings are solicited.



In all trades

At the dentist, the turbine (also called milling machine) contains a bearing capable of turning up to 500,000 rounds / minute. In fact, there are many bearings in a hospital to properly operate precision devices.

In the industry, multiple machines contain them. High technology, mechanics, electronics use very high performance bearings.

In agriculture, with its many vehicles and tools, the bearings must be maintained regularly.

Watchmaking, model making, sailing, aviation ... many trades, sometimes advanced, must use resistant and high performance bearings.



Ensure mobility

All that rolls contains a bearing! The vehicles abound. They are everywhere in the wheels.

The bike, the boat, the trailer, the caddy, the carriages for example offer possibilities of
displacement thanks to the bearings.



Our children use them!

A ride on a scooter and already the bearings are at work. Take your kids to the amusement park and you'll meet the bearings on the turnstiles and on the rides. You have certainly seen recently in the famous hand-spinners.



Let's take the height

Cranes that move heavy loads in height use bearings. If you look at landscapes along certain highways, you will see wind turbines using bearings to rotate their propellers.


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