Whether it is for a new installation or the replacement of a defective seal, 123Bearing offers you a wide range of seals. There are several models of seals with different materials and profiles depending on the use and the fluids they will be in contact with. Indeed, the choice of the seal is important because it must correspond to the application for which it is used.

What is a seal and what is its purpose ?

A seal is a mechanical part that connects elements together and forms a watertight unit. This type of product is mainly made of different types of rubber (NBR, FPM, EPDM), polyurethane or silicone and is available in different sizes and shapes.

What are the different categories of seals ?

Today, the most commonly used seals are rotary shaft seals, hydraulic seals, O-rings seals and wiper seals.

Rotary shaft seal

The rotary shaft seal plays an essential role in most rotating mechanical parts. In particular, it is used to seal rotating parts and thus prevent leakage. This model can be ordered as a single-lip or double-lip seal. It is particularly used in the automotive industry, especially on the clutch system, the gearbox or the crankshaft.

Hydraulic seal

The hydraulic seal is a product that seals and connects translating elements. It is a type of product that withstands the pressure exerted. This pressure can be more or less important depending on the selected material. This article is often used as a piston or cylinder seal.

O-ring seal

The O-ring seal is a rubber seal in the form of a ring. It is used to seal fluids in hydraulic and pneumatic systems with static or dynamic movements.

Wiper seal

The wiper seal is a rubber seal that is placed on shafts in translation, for example hydraulic cylinders. It ensures a good seal and prevents the intrusion of polluting elements (liquid, dust, etc.) into the design.

123Bearing has an even wider range of seals, offering piston, pneumatic, V-ring, X-ring, washer sealing, cord and NILOS seals. The choice of a seal depends essentially on its use, the movement and the fluids with which it will be in contact. To choose the ideal seal, it is therefore important to define the characteristics of the application.

When should I change my seal ?

The seal is one of the most important parts of your car. It prevents oil from leaking out of the engine and keeps it running smoothly. It is therefore important to keep an eye on its condition and to change it regularly to ensure a perfect seal and avoid damage to the various equipment.

It is obvious that the seal should be changed if you notice a leak or poor sealing. Apart from that, there is no real fixed rule for when the change should be made. It is advisable to do so as soon as you have to dismantle the seal, even for a simple revision. This is because the shape of the seal is adjusted from the original assembly, so it is complex to fit the seal perfectly in its new position. If the product has not been disassembled, the change depends on the use you make of it and the condition of the seal. Depending on the type of seal and its location, manufacturers recommend changing it according to the number of kilometres driven.

How to find your seal at 123Bearing ?

It is important to know that these products cannot be identified with their references. They are not universal and may differ from one manufacturer to another. This is why it is necessary to take the dimensions. If you are looking for a rotary shaft seal, a hydraulic seal or a wiper seal, we need to measure the inner diameter, the outer diameter and the thickness. For the O-ring seal, it is the inner diameter measurement and the torus measurement that will help us to provide you with the right solution.

Why order your seals from 123Bearing ?

123Bearing is much more than an e-commerce site for spare parts. Indeed, we make it a point of honour to offer you a complete service adapted to your needs. You want to change a seal but you need advice to identify the right profile or material ? Our customer service is available to help you in your search. Are you in a hurry and need to be delivered quickly ? Thanks to our considerable stock of more than 7 million pieces, we can offer you express delivery to the desired address. Do you want quality products ? 123Bearing offers you this at very competitive prices, which is what makes it a reference on the market.