Concrete Mixer Bearing



Often it is a suspicious noise or a significant clearance between the tank and the axis that will make you think of the bearings to change on your concrete mixer.

Some simple steps to follow to renew your cement mixer bearings..

Disassembly of the tank will allow you to access the bearing to be changed. Use a socket for extraction. Do not hesitate to use a rust remover, especially if it has been mounted for a long time and is rusty. Some savvy handymen use a grinder for the most reluctant bearings (take care not to damage the axis …).


2 solutions to find the bearing and order it:

  • - Record the references on the bearing (if they are visible)
  • - Measure the bearing you extracted


To mount the new bearing, remember to take a wooden block to tap on the new bearing (never hammer on the new bearing).

In the best case, mount it with a press. Some mount their bearings to the mallet (softer than a hammer), with the
gentlest possible, but it is not recommended by manufacturers.

Do not forget the circlips that will keep it in place.

Reassemble the tank.

If you want to give a second life to your machine, no longer fail on your sites, we recommend that you regularly replace your bearings.

Here you know everything about concrete mixer bearing.



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